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Drop The Mic
Presenting Confidence Through Comedy


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Drop The Mic training is all about using comedy, stagecraft and improv to help you become a powerful presenter. 

What's a great presenter worth?

A good presenter can not only win pitches and convert sales - they can redefine perception of your brand and move an audience to action. 

Not only that, but a confident and engaging presenter brings energy to the whole company - whether making sales calls, chairing meetings, hosting clients for a “memorable” lunch or facilitating brainstorms.

A skilled presenter is a versatile asset. Having powerful presenters in any business is vital

If people “buy people” rather than products, confidence and charisma are the killer tools in any consumer-facing team.

That's where Drop The Mic comes in. 

Borne from a wealth of experience in stand-up, improv and speechwriting as well as corporate experience in some of the UK’s leading media agencies and publishers, we aim to make novice presenters confident, make good presenters great and teach you a wealth of techniques used by the world's most most engaging performers. 



In our highly interactive sessions, we’ll teach you how to get any audience, to “lean in”, how to tell them stories they’ll love, share key tips to develop your presence, discuss why nerves are good thing, explore how to deal with heckling and teach you how to walk into any presentation with confidence and authority. 

Our sessions build teams, improve group communication and instil confidence - whether for the boardroom or a keynote speech.

Presenting should be as much fun for you as it is for your audience. We'll show you how to hold a room's attention  and enjoy every moment. 




Our Services




A one or two day training session for groups of 10 or less, this bespoke interactive day covers everything from the basics to pro tips. 

Aligned to your business needs, we'll build positive team dynamics and communication and share the the tools needed to present with impact, covering both content and confidence in equal measure. 

Half Day

A condensed version of the full session, our half day courses are designed around the needs of your business. 

These can focus on: 

  • Teambuilding
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Storytelling for brands
  • Brainstorming & creativity
  • Pitching
  • Body language
  • Public Speaking 
  • Stagecraft 



Bespoke consultation to help with pitch theatre, idea generation, content strategy, sales meetings, business reviews, client entertainment, scripts, speeches and events.


One-to-one consultations

Bespoke one- t0-one sessions to learn how to project confidence, deal with nerves, present with authority, handle hostile meetings and use humour to engage any audience.

Sessions can last anything from an hour to a day.


Speechwriting and presentation Building  

Compelling speeches and presentations written for business or personal purposes. From Wedding speeches to professional speaking opportunities, we can craft you a speech or presentation that hits all the right notes and ensures you're remembered for all the right reasons. 



Fun, unusual and informative session, full of laughs and practical tips that left the team feeling confident, bonded and ready to present outside of their comfort zones
— Parry Jones, MD, Print, The Specialist Works




Whether it's a chat about training, some advice with pitch or organising a team building session, we'd love to speak to you. 

Give us all call on 07967 186 244, or drop our Director, Toby, a line on toby@dropthemic.co.uk. 

OK, you've read this far - you've rumbled me. Drop The Mic is just me and a rotating all-star cast of talent I pull in when necessary. We'd love to talk to you. 





Great, easy to-use tips and tricks."

"Very useful, good for confidence, delivery and structure."

"Took me right out of my comfort zone, but was great learning!"

"A great mix between insight, entertainment, education and fun."


"I feel much more confident in front of an audience now."

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" I haven't laughed so hard in ages!"